Cessna C525 Citation obnovenie platnosti kvalifikácie

The Cessna C525 Citation renewal training is required anytime the typerating is expired. Complete renewal training shall be provided by the EASA flight school. Upon successfull completion of the typerating renewal training, the licence proficiency check - LPC for renewal of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating shall be provided by the EASA examiner

The procedure to renew expired Cessna C525 Citation typerating is defined by FCL.740 and explained in detail in AMC1 FCL.740(b)(1) to the Part FCL.

The general requirement is that the EASA flight school - ATO (approved training organization) has to estabilish the conditions for Cessna C525 Citation typerating renewal. Renewal flight training and renewal theoretical ground school should be based on the checkflight. Based on the checkflight, the EASA Flight school should prepare tailored renewal typerating course. The factors that should be taken into consideration by the EASA Flight school could be:

  • previous experience of the applicant - EASA flight school (ATO - approved training organization) shall consider the total flight time on the Cessna C525 Citation airplane and for such purpose conduct the checkflight on the simulator - FSTD
  • complexity of the variant of the Cessna C525 Citation aircraft (ie old cockpit layout of Cessna C525 Citation CJ vz. new generation of Cessna C525C Citation CJ4)
  • the time elapsed - time since the  Cessna C525 Citation typerating is expired

The duration of the EASA renewal Cessna C525 Citation typerating training prescribed by flight school required to regain the required level of the pilot´s proficiency depends also on how long is the EASA Cessna C525 Citation typerating expired.

Duration and scope of the Cessna C525 Citation renewal flight training should be the longer, the more time has elapsed since the Cessna C525 Citation typerating is expired.

In some cases, if the Cessna C525 Citation typerating is expired for a short period of time (less than 3 months) or the candidate has an overall extensive on-type experience, the EASA flight school may decide to recommend the candidate for LPC - license proficiency check without the renewal flight training.

Recommendation for the length of the renewal flight training, estabilished by the the EASA flight school should have following duration:

  • Cessna C525 Citation typerating expired less than three months: no need for renewal flight training and the EASA flight school provide candidate with confirmation. The candidate can proceed with the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC) with EASA type rating examiner
  • Cessna C525 Citation typerating expired more than 3 months but less than one year: at least two training sessions will be required by the EASA flight school to be prepared for the renewal license proficiency check (LPC)
  • Cessna C525 Citation typerating expired more than one year but less than three years: at least three training sessions will be required by the flight school to be prepared for the renewal license proficiency check (LPC)
  • Cessna C525 Citation typerating expired for more than three years: the applicant should have completed flight training again in the scope and duration, which is required for the first issue of the EASA Cessna C525 Citation typerating

After successful completion of the prescribed renewal flight training, the flight school - ATO shall issue a certificate of completion of the renewal flight training.

Based on the course completion certificate, candidate is recommended for the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC) with an Cessna C525 Citation type rating examiner - TRE(A).

After passing the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC), the Cessna C525 Citation typerating is renewed and endorsed by the flight examiner for a further 12 months (1 year).