Cessna C525 Citation - preskúšanie na predĺženie typovej kvalifikácie

Revalidation of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating for Cessna C525 Citation series.

Cessna C525 Citation typerating revalidation

License proficiency check (LPC) for revalidation of the Cessna C525 Citation series typerating is subject of Subpart H, Section 2, clause FCL.740.A (b) of the Part-FCL (EC 1178/2011).

Revalidation licene proficiency check - LPC of the Cessna C525 Citation type rating shall be performed by the Type rating examiner - TRE(A) or Synthetic flight examiner - SFE(A) only. 

The license proficiency check - LPC for revalidation of Cessna C525 Citation typerating may be done either on the real aircraft or on the full flight simulator - FFS which represents one of the variants of the Cessna C525 Citation series.

Single pilot operations versus multi pilot operations

The Part-FCL in conjuction with Ec 965/2012 recognizes two different ways of the Cessna C525 Citation operation. For pilots who operate the plane within the Cessna C525 Citation single-pilot operations, different requirements are laid down than multi-pilot operations of Cessna C525 Citation.

Pilots operating or willing to operate the Cessna C525 Citation within he commercial air transport (CAT) in accordance with Ec 965/2012  for the company which is a holder of the Air operator certificate (AOC), the multi-pilot operations is mandatory.

Further procedures for training and checking of the flight crew with multi-pilot operations privileges are described in detail in the company Operations manual, Part D. In addition the license proficiency check - LPC of the pilot operating within the commercial air transport may be extended by the different trainings described in the Operations manual, Part-D, ie. Low visibility take-off, special trainings for the airports (Innsbruck - LOWI/INN, London - City EGLC/LCY, etc) or the either/right seat qualification.

Revalidation of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating on flight simulator

The sucessfully passed Cessna C525 Citation license proficiency check - LPC  assures the C525 typerating revalidation for the next 12 months (1 year).

During the validity period of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating, the applicant for the revalidation of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating shall complete at least:

  • 10 route sectors as a pilot of any of the Cessna C525 Citation airplane
  • or 1 route sector on an actual Cessna  C525 Citation airplane or in a flight simulator (FFS) which represents the Cessna C525 Citation with the Type rating examiner - TRE (A). Route sector with TRE(A) may be performed as a part of the license proficiency check - LPC.

The licence proficiency check - LPC for revalidation of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating may be combined together with the operator proficiency check - OPC. This is especially essential for the Cessna C525 Citation pilots flying within the commercial enviroment (so-called AOC company).

If the Cessna C525 Citation licence proficiency check - LPC is combined together with the Cessna C525 Citation operator proficiency check - OPC, the requirement about the minimum route sectors is not applicable.

Both, the Cessna C525 Citation license proficiency check - LPC and Cessna C525 Citation operator proficiency check - OPC shall be performed by the Type rating examiner - TRE(A) authorized for examinations on the Cessna C525 Citation.