Cessna C525 Citation praktická skúška - skill test

License skill test Cessna C525 Citation series for the first issue of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating.

Cessna C525 Citation typerating license skill test - in general

License skill test Cessna C525 Citation in order to obtain a Cessna C525 Citation typerating is to be done after completing the prescribed flight training provided by the EASA flight school - approved training organization ATO. EASA flight school - ATO shall recommend the applicant to conduct such practical examination - license skill test (LST). Practical examination - license skill test for Cessna C525 Citation series can be done immediately after passing the prescribed flight training within the flight school - ATOThere is no need for further theoretical examination at aviation authority. Theoretical examination is being done by the flight school - ATO during the flight training and type rating examiner TRE(A) as the part of the license skill test

The practical exam - license skill test for type Cessna C525 Citation series in order to obtain and get the flight crew license endorsment for airplane Cessna C525 Citation series is subject to the provision of the FCL.725(c) and Appendix No. 9 to Part-FCL, Regulation Ec 1178/2011.

Candidate for the issue of the typerating Cessna C525 Citation series license skill test (LST) shall demonstrate to the Type Rating Examiner - TRE(A), the ability to perform maneuvers and procedures with competency appropriate to the privileges of the holder of Cessna C525 Citation. Thus, to safely operate of the airplane type - Cessna C525 Citation series.

An applicant for a license skill test - skill test Cessna C525 Citation shall undertake initial type rating training course on an aircraft or the flight synthetic training device - FSTD (flight simulator) of the same type as the one used for the license skill test. In other words, the whole initial type rating training course shall be performed either on the airplane or the flight simulator  represents the Cessna C525 Citation airplane.  In our case it is the use of an airplane type Cessna C525 Citation and flight simulators - FFS (Full Flight Simulator), which represents the type of airplane Cessna C525 Citation series. 

According to the Regulation Ec 1178/2011 there is not specifically prescribed, on which variant of the Cessna C525 Citation airplane should the simulator training and airplane training (base training) be done. Therefore, it is possible to use any of the variants within the Cessna C525 Citation variants - i.e. CJ, CJ1, CJ1 +, CJ2, CJ2 +, CJ3, CJ4 and M2. The differences training for a particular variant of an Cessna C525 Citation airplane will be provided additionally within the either operator conversion course or in accordance with the Operations manual, Part-D (Training).

The whole license testing session - skill test Cessna C525 Citation takes about 3-5 hours, depending on the type of operation the applicant to be tested  (multi-pilot operations of Cessna C525 Citation or single-pilot operations of the Cessna C525 Citation). 

The pracitcal part of the Cessna C525 Citation license skill test (actual flight or simulator session with type rating examiner - TRE(A)) takes about 2 - 4 hours of flight time in the Cessna C525 Citation airplane or a flight simulator, which represents the Cessna C525 Citation type. Rest of the time is used for the preparation of the flight (route planning, briefing, debriefing) and the oral - theoretical knowledge examination (technical knowledge of the Cessna C525 Citation aircraft and limitations of the specific Cessna C525 Citation variant).

The actual flight - Cessna C525 Citation license skill test consists of the following testing areas:

  • general flying skills (normal proceduresgeneral handling)
  • general flying skills (abnormal procedures and emergency procedures)
  • stop distance at different speeds
  • flight with one engine inoperative (asymmetric flying during various phases of flight)
  • line operation on the planned IFR route (one route sector with a duration of at least 15 minutes) (line-oriented flight training - LOFT)
  • use of radio navigation aids (VOR, LOC, ILS, GNSS)
  • IFR standard instrument departures and IFR standard instrument arrival procedures
  • precision IFR approaches and non-precision IFR approaches 
  • executing an published IFR missed approach procedure
  • published holding procedures
  • system malfunction
  • other

Route of the flight shall be choose by a Type Rating Examiner - TRE(A). The applicant is responsible for the flight planning and shall ensure that all devices and all documents, certificates and licenses essential for a flight are on board of the Cessna C525 Citation aircraft during the examination (Cessna C525 Citation license skill test).

Requirements for sucessful pass

General requirements and examination procedure for the successful pass of the examination - license skill test of Cessna C525 Citation is the same as any of the license skill test (LST) for any other airplane, type ratingclass rating or initial obtain of the flight crew license.

Practical test - the license skill test for Cessna C525 Citation consists of few different sections. Those sections are representing all of the different phases of flight appropriate to the category (airplanes) and the type of airplane - Cessna C525 Citation.

Privileges of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating holder

The Cessna C525 Citation typerating entitles the holder to fly the variant of the Cessna C525 Citation airplane within the scope of the EASA type certificate datasheet (EASA TCDS). In accordance with Regulation Ec 1178/2011 and the provisions FCL.740 (a), the validity of the Cessna C525 Citation type rating is 12 months (1 year).

Cessna C525 Citation typerating entitles the holder to conduct flight on the following Cessna C525 Citation variants:

  • Cessna C525 Citation Jet (CJ)
  • Cessna C525 Citation (CJ1 and CJ1 +)
  • Cessna C525A Citation (CJ2 + and CJ2)
  • Cessna C525B Citation (CJ3)
  • Cessna C525C Citation  (CJ4)
  • Cessna C525 Citation M2

Differences training to other variants of the Cessna C525 Citation

Cessna C525 Citation typerating entitles the holder to act as a member of the flight crew on the variant of Cessna C525 Citation airplane on which he sucessfully passed the license skill test.

To act as a member of the flight crew on another variant of the same type of aircraft - Cessna C525 Citation, the so-called differences training is required. This differences training is usually being provided by the airpalne operator in accordance with the approved Operations manual, Part-D.

For example: you have passed your license skill test (LST) on the aircraft, or on simulator which represents the varian of  Cessna C525 Citation, CJ1 and you would like to act as a member of the flight crew on Cessna C525B Citation, CJ3. In this case, the need to attend the additional training, so-called differences training to the Cessna C525B Citation, CJ3 variant.

If the pilot was not acting as a member of the flight crew on specific variant of Cessna C525 Citation airplane for more than 24 months, in accordance with FCL.710 (b) Part-FCL, Regulation Ec 1178/2011 the additional differences training is required.

The requirement above is just a legislation requirement required by the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011. Any owner of the airplane or the operator, respectively may have additional requirements, which may be required beyond the legislation requirements, to let you fly as a pilot in command (PIC) on the specific variant of the Cessna C525 Citation operated/owned.