Initial Cessna C525 Citation type rating

As an EASA flight school, we provide Cessna C525 Citation type rating courses.

EASA Cessna C525 Citation type rating course

EASA type rating course in order to obtain the Cessna C525 Citation type rating is schematically divided into two interconnected sections.

  • EASA Cessna C525 Citation theoretical ground school
  • EASA Cessna C525 Citation actual training
    • Cessna C525 Citation simulator training
    • Cessna C525 Citation base (aircraft) training 

Cessna C525 Citation theoretical ground school

The total length of the theoretical knowledge instruction - the ground school is at least 40 hours.

  • 30 hours of the technical aircraft knowledge - are provided either as self-study, or classroom instruction of the theoretical knowledge
  • 10 hours of the high performance complex airplane operations theoretical knowledge

Cessna C525 Citation actual training

The practical part of flight training for the Cessna C525 Citation is divided into  12 hours  in the full flight simulator, and is thematically divided into:

  • Basic techniques of piloting and familiarization with the aircraft (takeoff, climb, descent, turns, horizontal flight, landing)
  • Emergency training (equipment failure, etc.)
  • The procedures specific to the type Cessna C525 Citation

After accomplishing the approved simulator training, the base (aircraft) training on the actual Cessna C525 Citation airplane is required.

Cessna C525 Citation type rating prerequisites

  • The EASA flight crew license - either PPL (A) , CPL (A) or ATPL (A)
  • EASA Medical certificate Class 1 or Class 2 with IR extension
  • Actual flight experience of minimum 70 flight hours as pilot in command of airplanes (PIC)
  • Actual flight experience of minimum 200 flight hours of total flight time
  • Valid IR (A) / ME (SPA) instrument rating for multi-engine airplanes
  • Passed examination of the theoretical knowledge of ATPL (A) in accordance with Part-FCL (ATPL(A) - Credit Theory )