Cessna C525 Citation reccurent training

Cessna C525 Citation is considered to be high performance complex airplane. Especially pilots acting as pilot-in-command in Cessna Citation single-pilot operations are strongly recommended to undertake the recurrent training every 6 months.

For the pilots operating in multi-pilot operations on Cessna Citation within the commercial air transport (CAT) for Air Operator Certificate holders (AOC) it is mandatory to undertake the recurrent training and recurrent checking every 6 months.

During the Cessna Citation recurrent training, mainly the situations which are not happening often are being practiced. Particular attention is focused on abnormal situations and emergency situations. We are also trying to incorporate new procedures or regulation required trainings - i.e. Performance based navigation (PBN) into our recurrent training program. 

In case of commercial air transport - air operator certificate holders, we are closely cooperating with the Training department of the carrier. Specific trainings - such as evidence based training are incorporated to the annual / semi-annual training program.

Our Cessna Citation instructors are fully qualified to provide the Cessna C525 Citation pilots with the recurrent training on both - the simulator and in real aircraft.