C525 ZFTT type rating

Under specific circumstances outlined in the EC No. 965/2012, line training under supervision or a so-called line flying under supervision is required. We are providing several operators with the Cessna C525 Citation line training under supervision for the zero flight total time Citation type rated pilots.

Zero flight total time type rating and line training requirements

Specific requirements are laid down by the ORO.FC.220(e) for a pilots with provided Zero flight total time - ZFTT type rating course.

In accordance with ORO.FC.220(e)(1), the flight crew member must commence line flying under supervision not later than 21 days after the completion of the Cessna Citation license skill test - LST or after appropriate training is provided by the operator. The content of such training shall be described in the Operations manual.
In accordance with ORO.FC.220(e)(3) flight crew member shall conduct the first four take-offs and landings of the
line training under supervision in the aeroplane under the supervision of a type rating instructor - TRI(A) occupying the other pilot seat. The number of take-offs and landings may be reduced when credits are defined in the data established in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1178/2011 (Part FCL).