Line training for freshly C525 typerated pilots

Under specific circumstances outlined in the EC No. 965/2012, line training under supervision or a so-called line flying under supervision is required. We are providing several operators with the Cessna C525 Citation line training under supervision for freshly typerated Citation type rated pilots.

Pilot with first/new type rating line training

Upon successful pass of the license skill test, the line training under supervision has to be administered. Duration of the line training under supervision is based on the recency and previous experience of the flight crew member. There are not minimum requirements for such duration.

The detailed explanation of the duration of line training under supervision is described in the company Operation manual.

Usually, for experienced typerated commanders with previous on-type experience, only 10 legs incl. so-called line check are required. With freshly typerated pilots with no previous experience, the number of the enroute sectors may come to 40 legs.

Operation manual usually takes into account the experience of the pilot flying similar type of airplane. For example, during a transition to Boeing 737, pilot previously operating Airbus A320 will be required to get less line training route sectors than a pilot operating ATR72, etc.

In case the airplane is equipped with the jump seat, usually a safety pilot occupies such seat during the first few flights (usually 10 legs). Specific requirements could be for the Cessna C525 Citation provided, that the airplane is not equipped with a jump seat. Usually, the first few legs of the line training under supervision should be done by the Type rating instructor or Cessna C525 Citation Type rating examiner.