Company conversion line training

Under specific circumstances outlined in the EC No. 965/2012, line training under supervision or a so-called line flying under supervision is required. We provide several operators with the Cessna C525 Citation line training under supervision for the zero flight total time Citation type rated pilots.

Company conversion course line training

Line training under supervision is a mandatory part of a so-called Company conversion course required by the Regulation 965/2012 - ORO.FC.220. Company conversion course shall be provided to every pilot who is joining the company.

In accordance with ORO.FC.220(b), once an operator conversion course has been commenced, the flight crew member shall not be assigned to flying duties on another type or class of aircraft until the course is completed or terminated.This means, if the pilot is holder of few more type rating endorsed in his license, he shall not demonstrate as a member of the flight crew until the line training under supervision on the Cessna C525 Citation is finished or terminated.

The only exemption is for crew members operating performance class B aeroplanes (i.e. airplanes within class rating MEP(land)). The flight crew member may be assigned to flights on other types of performance class B aeroplanes during conversion courses to the extent necessary to maintain the operation.

It is necessary to point out that this is particularly applicable only for the commercial operations - commercial air transport.  In that case, if pilot is, for example, a holder of the MEP(land) class rating (i.e. Piper PA34 Seneca) or a holder of Rayethon RA390 type rating and flies those airplanes privately (or within the EASA flight school enviroment), the limitation ORO.FC.220(b) does not apply.

The duration of the line training under supervision - LIFUS is described in detail in the Operations manual of the AOC company. The consideration of its duration should take into account the overall pilot experience, recency and type experience as required by ORO.FC.220(c). The amount of training required by the flight crew member for the operator’s conversion course shall be determined in accordance with the standards of qualification and experience specified in the operations manual, taking into account his/her previous training and experience.

Usually, for experienced type rated commanders with previous on-type experience, only 10 legs incl. so-called line check are required. With freshly type rated pilot with no previous experience, the amount of the enroute sectors may come to 40 legs.

In accordance with ORO.FC.220(d)(1), the flight crew member shall complete the operator proficiency check (OPC) and emergency and safety equipment training (ESET)and checking before commencing line flying under supervision(LIFUS). 

In addition, law ORO.FC.220(d)(2) the line check upon completion of line flying under supervision shall be conducted. For performance class B aeroplanes (ie MEP(land)), line training under supervision may be performed on any aeroplane within the applicable class (i.e. Piper PA-34 Seneca, Diamond DA-42 Twin Star, etc).