Cessna C525 Citation Commander upgrade

Line training under supervision for future Cessna Citation captains by our line training captains and line training instructors.

Commander upgrade line training

When co-pilot is about to upgrade to the commander position, specific requirements apply. General and shortlisted requirements are defined by ORO.FC.205 of the Ec 965/2012. Detailed requirements are described in the company (Operator) Operations manual, Part-D.
In accordance with ORO.FC.205(a), the following training is required prior to the actual line training under supervision for commander upgrade:
  • training in an FSTD, which includes line oriented flight training (LOFT) and/or flight training;
  • the operator proficiency check, operating as commander;
  • command responsibilities training;
In accordance with ORO.FC.205(a)(4)(i) the line training under supervision as commander under supervision shall consist of at least  10 flight sectors. Commander line training under supervision is followed by the commander line check prior released to the line operations.