Cessna C525 Citation line training instructor

Procedures describing the requirements for the commanders delegated to provide line training are described in the company Operations manual. Different AOC holders (airlines) use different requirements.

Line training instructor and line training captain

Line training under supervision - LIFUS may be provided only by a pilots delegated by the company.

Usually, the commander delegated by the company to provide line training under supervision is identified as:

  • line training captain
  • training captain
  • leading captain 
  • line training instructor
  • selected commander

Usually, the specific experience and additional ground theoretical knowledge and flight/simulator training is required to became a line training instructor.

In accordance with FCL.910.TRI(a), even the Type rating instructors with their restricted privileges to conduct trainings only on FSTD may conduct line flying under supervision. In this case, further training for line training under supervision purposes is required.

However, our instructors have a full privileges of the Type rating instructor - TRI(A), so they are allowed to provide instruction on both - FSTD and actual airplane.