Cessna C525 Citation line training

Line training under supervision or a so-called line flying under supervision is required by the EC 965/2012 applying to pilots in specific circumstances. We provide operators with the Cessna C525 Citation line training under supervision.

Line training under supervision (LIFUS) is required by the pan-european aviation Regulations. Line training under supervision (LIFUS) is particularly related to the commercial operations - commercial air transport. Line training under supervision is not necessary when operating Cessna C525 Citation airplane privately outside the commercial environment.

As a part of the approved company documents - Operations manual, every Air operator certificate (AOC) holder must have a detailed description of the procedures related to the line training under supervision.

The requirement for line training under supervision - LIFUS is laid down in the Commission Regulation (Ec) No. 965/2012 for a few specific situations. The explicit amount of the legs of line training under supervision is specified only in connection with commander upgrade LIFUS. The rest of the supervision legs are specified in the company Operations manual and approved by the Authority.

Line training under supervision is usually defined by the enroute sectors. To fulfill the requirements, a specific number of the enroute sectors must be flown by the trained pilot/supervised pilot during the line training under supervision.

The so-called "enroute sector" is described by the Commission Regulation Ec No. 1178/2011 as means a flight comprising take-off, departure, cruise of not less than 15 minutes, arrival, approach and landing phases.

There might be AOC companies, which use time measures to identify the length of the line training under supervision (i.e. 100 hours or 500 hours).

Line training instructor and line training captain

Line training under supervision - LIFUS may be provided only by a pilots delegated by the company.

Procedures describing the requirements for the commanders delegated to provide line training are described in the company Operations manual. Different AOC holders (airlines) are using different identification of such commander.

Usually, the commander delegated by the company to provide line training under supervision is identified as:

  • line training captain
  • training captain
  • leading captain 
  • line training instructor
  • selected commander

Usually, the specific experience and additional ground theoretical knowledge and flight/simulator training is required to become a line training instructor.

In accordance with the FCL.910.TRI(a), even the Type rating instructors with their restricted privileges to conduct trainings only on FSTD may conduct line flying under supervision. In this case, further training for line training under supervision purposes is required.

However, our instructors have full privileges of the Type rating instructor - TRI(A), so they are allowed to provide instruction on both - FSTD and actual airplane.

Generaly, during the line training under supervision, companies are apply the requirement of ORO.FC.220(b). This mean, that until sucessfull line check, the flight crew member shall not conduct any line operations within the commercial air transport on any other type or the class of the airplane.