Recurrent checking - Cessna C525 Citation license proficiency check

Recurrent checking is addressed in Part-ORO, specifically in ORO.FC.130, ORO.FC.220, ORO.FC.230, AMC1 ORO.FC.230, GM1 ORO.FC.230, ORO.FC.240, and AMC1 ORO.FC.240 

Recurrent checking should be alternated between the CE-525 variants when operating more than one variant as described in Figure 1 below. When operating multiple CE-525 variants with different avionics suites, recurrent checking should be alternated between the variants of different avionics suites. 

If recurrent checking is not alternated, differences of variants flown must be addressed at the differences levels for checking as shown in the MDR tables, using a suitable device. 

With reference to ORO.FC.140(a), full credit is granted for recurrent checking requirements when operating multiple CE-525 variants, either by alternating recurrent checking between the CE-525 variants, as described above, or by addressing the differences of the variants flown in each checking.