Cessna C525 Citation single-pilot checking

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Cessna C525 Citation single-pilot checking

Pilots who hold the privileges to operate the Cessna C525 Citation series in the single pilot operations - SPO shall undertake the license proficiency check - LPC in the single pilot environment.

In this case, the Type rating examiner - TRE(A) may occupy the right-hand seat of the Cessna C525 Citation aircraft or the simulator seat.

Pilots who operating Cessna C525 Citation in both the single-pilot operations and multi-pilot operations shall undertake two separate license proficiency checks - LPC to demonstrate their proficiency to fly the Cessna C525 Citation airplane as a pilot-in-command and within the multi-crew concept in accordance with the requirements of the Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011 as well.

If privileges of single-pilot operations on Cessna C525 Citation are sought, the maneuvers and procedures in 2.5,, 4.3, 5.5 of the appropriate Part-FCL Appendix (Skill test report form) and at least one maneuver/procedure from section 3.4 have to be completed in addition in single-pilot environment flying Cessna C525 Citation aircraft, or on a simulator representing one of the Cessna C525 Citation variants.