Cessna C525 Citation renewal proficiency check

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Cessna C525 Citation renewal proficiency check

License proficiency check Cessna C525 Citation series for the Cessna C525 Citation type rating renewal.

Cessna C525 Citation type rating renewal license proficiency check

The Cessna C525 Citation type rating renewal procedure is prescribed by the AMC1 FCL.740(b)(1) to the Part FCL stating that an EASA flight school - ATO (approved training organization) will administer renewal flight training based on the following criteria:

  • previous experience of the applicant - EASA flight school will evaluate applicant's experience using data from the logbook and, if necessary, use simulator - FSTD
  • complexity of the aircraft variant for which the flight training and flight examination will be provided
  • the time elapsed since Cessna C525 Citation type rating expiration

The duration of the flight training prescribed by flight school required to achieve the required level of the aviation proficiency depends on how long has the EASA Cessna C525 Citation type rating been expired.

The more time has elapsed since the Cessna C525 Citation type rating expiration, the longer the duration of the renewal flight training should be.

In some cases, if the Cessna C525 Citation type rating has been expired only for a short period of time (less than 3 months), EASA flight school - approved training organization - ATO might decide not to asses the pilot with the renewal flight training.

When establishing the renewal flight training, the EASA flight school considers the following attributes:

  • Cessna C525 Citation type rating expired less than three months: no need for renewal flight training and the EASA flight school provides candidate with a confirmation. The candidate can proceed with the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC) with an EASA type rating examiner
  • Cessna C525 Citation type rating expired more than 3 months ago but less than one year: at least two training sessions will be required by the EASA flight school to be prepared for the renewal license proficiency check (LPC)
  • Cessna C525 Citation type rating expired more than one year ago but less than three years: at least three training sessions will be required by the flight school to be prepared for the renewal license proficiency check (LPC)
  • Cessna C525 Citation type rating expired more than three years ago: the applicant should complete flight training again in the scope and duration, which is required for the first-time issue of the EASA Cessna C525 Citation type rating

The flight school - approved training organization - ATO shall develop an individual flight training program for the applicant based on the scope of flight training required for the initial issue of the Cessna C525 Citation type ratingFlight training will focus on aspects that the flight school considers appropriate for the candidate.

After successful completion of the prescribed renewal flight training, the flight school - ATO shall issue a certificate of the completion of the flight training.

Upon satisfactory completion of the renewal flight training, the applicant is recommended to undertake a renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC) with a type rating examiner.

After passing the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC), the Cessna C525 Citation type rating is renewed and endorsed by a flight examiner for a further 12 months (1 year).

The license proficiency check - LPC for renewal of the Cessna C525 Citation type rating may be combined with the operator proficiency check - OPC. This is especially essential for the Cessna C525 Citation pilots flying within the commercial environment (so-called AOC). If the Cessna C525 Citation license proficiency check - LPC is combined with the Cessna C525 Citation operator proficiency check - OPC, the requirement about the minimum route sectors is not applicable.

Both the Cessna C525 Citation license proficiency check - LPC and Cessna C525 Citation operator proficiency check - OPC must be performed by the Type rating examiner - TRE(A) authorized for examinations for the Cessna C525 Citation.

Revalidation license proficiency check - LPC of the Cessna C525 Citation type rating shall be performed by the practical exam with Type rating examiner - TRE(A) only. 

Single pilot operations versus multi pilot operations

The Part-FCL recognizes two different ways of operating Cessna C525 Citation airplane. There are different requirements for pilots performing single-pilot operations and for pilots performing multi-pilot operations.

Pilots operating or willing to operate Cessna C525 Citation within the commercial air transport (CAT) for the company holding the Air operator certificate (AOC), the multi-pilot operation is mandatory. Further procedures for training and checking of the flight crew with multi-pilot operation privileges are described in detail in the company Operations manual, Part D. Additionally, the license proficiency check - LPC of the pilot operating within the commercial air transport may be extended by further trainings described in the Operations manual, Part-D, i.e. Low visibility take-off, special trainings for the airports (Innsbruck - LOWI/INN, London - City EGLC/LCY, etc) or the either/right seat qualification.

Candidates willing to operate Cessna C525 Citation in both single-pilot operations and multi-pilot operations shall undertake two separate license proficiency checks - LPC to demonstrate their proficiency to fly Cessna C525 Citation airplane both as a solo pilot and within the multi-crew concept.

Requirements for a successful pass

General requirements and examination procedure for a successful pass of the examination - license proficiency test of Cessna C525 Citation is same as for all license skill tests (LST) for other airplanes, type ratingsclass ratings or initial issues of flight crew licenses.

Practical test - the license proficiency test for Cessna C525 Citation consists of several different sections. Those sections represent all of the different phases of flight appropriate to the category (airplanes) and the type of airplane - Cessna C525 Citation.

Privileges of Cessna C525 Citation type rated holders

Cessna C525 Citation type rating entitles holders to fly the variant of the Cessna C525 Citation airplane within the scope of the EASA type certificate datasheet (EASA TCDS). In accordance with the Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011 and the provisions FCL.740 (a), the validity of the Cessna C525 Citation type rating is 12 months (1 year).

Cessna C525 Citation type rating entitles holders to conduct flights on the following Cessna C525 Citation variants:

  • Cessna C525 Citation Jet (CJ)
  • Cessna C525 Citation (CJ1 and CJ1 +)
  • Cessna C525A Citation (CJ2 + and CJ2)
  • Cessna C525B Citation (CJ3)
  • Cessna C525C Citation  (CJ4)
  • Cessna C525 Citation M2

Differences training to other variants of the Cessna C525 Citation

Cessna C525 Citation type rating entitles holders to act as members of the flight crew flying variant of Cessna C525 Citation airplane for which they successfully passed the license proficiency test.

To act as a member of the flight crew on another variant of the same type of aircraft - Cessna C525 Citation, a so-called differences training is required. This differences training is usually provided by an airplane operator in accordance with the approved Operations manual, Part-D.

For example: you have passed your license skill test (LST) on an aircraft, or a simulator of Cessna C525 Citation, CJ1 and you would like to act as a member of the flight crew on Cessna C525B Citation, CJ3. In this case, you need to attend the additional training, the so-called differences training for the Cessna C525B Citation, CJ3 variant.

Furthermore, if a pilot did not act as a member of the flight crew on a specific variant of Cessna C525 Citation airplane for more than 24 months, in accordance with FCL.710 (b) Part-FCL, the Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011, the additional differences training is required as well.

The requirement above is just a legislation requirement required by the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011. An owner of the airplane or the operator may have additional requirements, which may be required beyond the legislation requirements to let you fly as a pilot in command (PIC) on the specific variant of the Cessna C525 Citation operated/owned.