Cessna C525 Citation type rating examiner

Milan Mazanovský

Milan is an experienced aviation enthusiast. He was working as a Head of training and a Chief flight instructor of various flight schools in the region. He has supervised establishment of several flight schools (Approved training organizations) in the Slovak republic. In 2012, as 26-year-old, he became the youngest flight examiner and in 2019 one of the youngest senior examiners in Europe. 

Milan is an aviation examiner with the following privileges:

  • FE(A) for skill tests of  LAPL(A)PPL(A) and CPL(A)
  • CRE(A) for SEP(land)TMG a MEP(land)
  • IRE(A) for SEP(land)/IR a MEP(land)/IR
  • FIE(A) for CRI(A)/ME(SPA) a CRI(A)/SE(SPA)
  • FIE(A) for FI(A), FIC, IRI(A) and TRI(A) on C525 series
  • TRE(A) for Cessna C525 Citation series
  • Senior Examiner


  • flying since he was 15
  • alumni of the University of Žilina with a degree of Professional pilot and Aviation transport
  • worked as a freelance flight instructor for local aviation schools in Dubnica nad Váhom, Žilina and Piešťany
  • worked for a flight school in Trenčín as a pilot, flight instructor, and flight operations manager
  • in 2011 he was responsible for an establishment of the first flight school in Bratislava - Opera Jet (FTO-SK/03)
  • for the next 2 years, he was responsible for a daily management of the Opera Jet flight school (FTO-SK/03) as a Head of training and a Chief flight instructor
  • flies Cessna C525 Citation series (CJ, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJM2, CJ4), CL65 and Boeing B737
  • flight instructor - FI(A) qualified to provide the flight trainings of LAPL(A),PPL(A), CPL(A), SEP(land), TMG, MEP(land), IR(A), EIR, FI(A), IRI(A), CRI(A)
  • type rating instructor - TRI(A) qualified to provide the flight training for Cessna C525 Citation either on the airplane and flight simulator
  • CRM instructor for the Crew Resource Management trainings according to regulation EC 965/2012.