Cessna 525 Citation certification basis

Certification basis of Cessna C525 Citation

Certification standard

Cessna C525 Citation and its certification basis is proved by the EASA type-certificate datasheet number EASA.IM A.078.

The Cessna C525 Citation is certified in accordance with CS-23 (Certification Standard) in Normal category. The holder of the type certificate and also the manufacturer is:


P.O. BOX 7704

First application for the certificate was done on 14 February 1990 with the FAA certificate obtained on 15 October 1992.

How many pilots?

Even though the Cessna Citation type certificate data defines the Cessna C525 Citation as both a single-pilot and a multi-pilot airplane, the licensing point of view is a bit more complex.

From the Part-FCL point of view, any aircraft with MTOW more than 5700kg is considered multi-pilot. This applies to the M2, CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2 and CJ2+ Cessna C525 Citation family variants. The rest of the family - CJ3, CJ3+ and CJ4 have MTOW more than 5700kg and thus should be considered multi-pilot airplanes from the licensing point of view.

Despite that, in accordance with EASA flight crew licensing rules, Cessna C525 Citation with all its variants are considered to be single-pilot high performance aircraft.

Multi-pilot environment is thus required by the European Commission Regulation No. 965/2012, which deals with the operation of the aircraft (including commercial air transport). 

So keeping the things simple, from the different points, the Cessna C525 Citation is different aircraft to fly:

  • certification basis: both a single pilot AND a multi pilot aircraft
  • flight crew licensing: a single pilot high-performance complex aircraft
  • commercial air transport: a multi pilot aircraft