Cessna C525 Citation type rating and pilot training

EASA flight school - approved training organization provides wide range of Cessna Citation type rating courses.

Our flight school is EASA approved - a so-called approved training organization. Our flight school provides groundschool, simulator training, and flight training to provide complex type rating courses and all other necessary Cessna C525 Citation type-related pilot training.

Flight School - approved training organization - ATO is an aviation school approved in accordance with Part-ORA. Flight training is usually followed by the flight examinations. All pilot checking is closely related to the operation of the EASA light school - approved training organization - ATO.

Ab-initio type rating courses

Our EASA flight school provides ab-initio Cessna C525 Citation courses for all kind of candidates. Cessna C525 Citation type rating can be obtained with credit given to the candidates with previous experience on Cessna Citation family airplanes.

Our Cessna Citation type rating courses are led by professional instructors with Cessna C525 Citation variants flight experience. ProfiPilot flight school provides type rating courses for both Cessna Citation single pilot and Cessna Citation multi-pilot operations.

After successfully passing the Cessna Citation type rating, our EASA flight school is happy to provide you with differences training for any different variant within the Cessna C525 Citation family. All Cessna Citation type rating courses and Cessna Citation difference courses are provided in accordance with the EASA requirements and in accordance with the Commission Regulation No 1178/2011 (Part-FCL).

Citation type rating renewal courses

If your Cessna Citation type rating endorsed in your pilot license is expired even by one day, EASA flight school needs to be involved in order to renew the validity of your Cessna Citation type rating. Our EASA flight school is approved to conduct such type rating renewal courses. First, we need to see all of your documents and need to know about your experience with Cessna Citation aircrafts. Afterwards, we get back to you with a tailored procedure to renew your Cessna Citation type rating. The Cessna Citation type rating renewal training procedure may be as simple as having only a license proficiency check. The scope of the type rating renewal courses depends on your skills, abilities, your overall experience flying Cessna Citation, and the time elapsed from the expiry date of your Cessna Citation type rating.

Citation instructor courses

For those Cessna Citation type rating holders who would like to become Cessna Citation instructors, our EASA flight school provides all kinds of Cessna Citation instructor courses. Our flight school provides both the Type rating instructor - TRI(A) course and the Simulator type rating instructor - SFI(A). For those Cessna Citation instructors who would like to experience their privileges in the multi-crew environment, we provide upgrade to multi-crew cooperation instructor - MCCI(A).