Cessna C525 Citation, CJ3+

Cessna C525B Citation - CJ3+ is an economical, easy to fly and one of the top end member of the Cessna C525 Citation family. Cessna C525B Citation - CJ3+ is extended and enhanced the Cessna C525B Citation - CJ3 model. The Cessna C525B Citation CJ3+ incorporates improvements and features that please the pilot and passenger (ie enhanced avionics, extended fuselage, etc). Main difference is re-designed cockpit layout and Garmin 3000 avionics.

Cessna C525B Citation CJ3+ variant was introduced in March 2014, 12 years after introduction its older sibling - CJ3. Its first test flight happened on April 2014 and got its type certificate from the FAA in September 2014.


The Williams FJ44-3A is a twin spool co-rotating, axial flow turbofan engine with medium bypass ratio. There is mixed exhaust and high cycle bypass ratio. The engines produce approximately 2800 lbs of flat-rated static thrust at take-off power at sea level and ambient Temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

The engines are producing about 920 lbs more takeoff thrust per one engine than the original old Cessna C525 Citation Jet. Compared to the maximum take off weight, Cessna C525B Citation CJ3+ adding over 3,400 pounds more compared to the Citation Jet

The Cessna C525B Citation - CJ3+ has the first engine within the light business jet segment which came with the standard with   FADEC (full-authority digital engine controls). FADEC streamlines engine control by ensuring correct startup sequence, power output, engine management and maximum fuel efficiency. FADEC on FJ-44 also delivers time-limited engine maintenance and diagnostics, which saves the maintenance costs and reducing the possibility of the failure.


The Cj3+ and Citation M2 feature the Garmin G3000 advanced avionics system.
For more details see Citation M2.

1.8.4Weight & Balance
Refer to AFM, Weight and Balance Data, Section VI.
1. Max Ramp Weight: 14.070 lbs 2. Max Take Off Weight: 13.870 lbs 3. Max Landing Weight: 12.750 lbs 4. Max Zero Fuel Weight: 10.510 lbs 5. Basic Operating Weight: 8.540 lbs 6. Useful Load: 5.530 lbs 7. Useful Fuel Capacity: 4.710 lbs

Difference: Max. useful fuel capacity: 4.710 lbs.