Cessna C525 Citation description

Project of Cessna C525 Citation was announced in 1989. The first flight took place on April 29 th 1991. Cessna C525 Citation received its approval on October 16 th 1992. The first customer delivery was done after 4 years of development - at March 30 th 1993 .

The main changes that were made compared to its predecessor are super critical wings with laminar flow, a T-tail and an EFIS-cockpit.

The CE-525 CJ aircraft are low-wing airplanes fitted with two turbojet engines mounted on the tail. Undercarriage flaps, modulated speed brakes and ground spoilers are hydraulically operated. The main flight controls are unassisted, cable controls except for a bleed-air rudder bias system to assist in directional control in the event of an engine-out condition.
The C525 variants have been designed to permit commonality of procedures as far as possible:

  • similar normal procedures;
  • similar supplementary normal and non-normal procedures dictated by EICAS or warning/caution system
  • similar control location for non-normal procedures
  • ame CRM and task sharing between PF and PNF.

With reference to Part-CAT, CAT.OP.MPA.320(b) the approach category for all C525 series aircraft is category B

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