Cessna C525 Citation typerating

To act as a pilot in command or a member of the flight crew on board of Cessna C525 Citation airplane, every pilot is required to undertake the approved Cessna C525 Citation  typerating course. Required typerating course has to be provided by the EASA flight school - approved training organization.

Our EASA flight school - the EASA Approved training organization (ATO) is provider of the complete Cessna C525 Citation typerating course.

We are providing complete typerating course for candidates - including the rent of the Type rating instructor - TRI(A) and Type rating examiner - TRE(A) for Cessna C525 Citation series.

We are delighted to offer also the Cessna C525 Citation differences training for holders of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating.

The aim of the Cessna C525 Citation typerating course is to provide the candidates (holder of the Commercial pilot license - CPL(A) or Airline transport pilot license - ATPL(A) ) with the type rating course  in order to obtain the Cessna C525 Citation flight crew license endorsment. 

A holder of Cessna C525 Citation typerating may act as a member of the flight crew on the specific variant of Cessna C525 Citation airplane.

Cessna C525 Citation typerating course is provided in accordance with Regulation (Ec) 1178/2011 (also known as Part-FCL) and its Subpart H.

EASA recognizes various Cessna C525 Citation variants.

Practical training may be carried out on different variants which represents the actual Cessna C525 Citation model series. The actual variant of Cessna C525 Citation depends on whichever of the aircraft is available, respectively in accordance to customer requirements. The actual practical part of the EASA Cessna C525 Citation typerating course can be provided on any of the following variants which represents the Cessna C525 Citation series, or using a suitable combination of any of the Cessna C525 Citation variants:

  • Cessna C525 Citation Jet - C525 - CJ, CJ1, CJ1+
  • Cessna C525A Citation - C525A - CJ2, CJ2+
  • Cessna C525B Citation - C525B - CJ3
  • Cessna C525C Citation - C525C - CJ4
  • Cessna C525 Citation - M2

After completion of Cessna C525 Citation typerating course, the license skill test with EASA Type rating examiner - TRE (A) is mandatory. 

The whole license testing session - skill test Cessna C525 Citation takes about 3-5 hours, depending on the type of operation the applicant to be tested  (multi-pilot operations of Cessna C525 Citation or single-pilot operations of the Cessna C525 Citation). 

EASA Cessna C525 Citation typerating

EASA typerating course in order to obtain the Cessna C525 Citation typerating is schematically devided into two interconnected sections.

  • EASA Cessna C525 Citation theoretical ground school
  • EASA Cessna C525 Citation actual training
    • Cessna C525 Citation simulator training
    • Cessna C525 Citation base (aircraft) training 

Cessna C525 Citation theoretical ground school

The total length of the theoretical knowlege instruction - the ground school is at least 40 hours.

  • 30 hours of the technical aircraft knowledge - are provided either as self-study, or classroom instruction of the theoretical knowledge
  • 10 hours of the high performance complex airplane operations theoretical knowledge

Cessna C525 Citation actual training

The practical part of flight training for the Cessna C525 Citation is devided into  12 hours  in the full flight simulator, and is thematically divided into:

  • Basic techniques of piloting and familiarization with the aircraft (takeoff, climb, descent, turns, horizontal flight, landing)
  • Emergency training (failure of equipment, etc.)
  • The procedures specific to the type Cessna C525 Citation

After acomplished approved simulator training, the base (aircraft) training on the actual Cessna C525 Citation airplane is required.

Cessna C525 Citation typerating prerequisites

  • The EASA flight crew license - either PPL (A) , CPL (A) or ATPL (A)
  • EASA Medical certificate Class 1 or Class 2 with IR extension
  • Actual flight experience of minimum 70 flight hours as pilot in command of airplanes (PIC)
  • Actual flight experience of minimum 200 flight hours of total flight time
  • Valid IR (A) / ME (SPA) instrument rating for multi-engine airplanes
  • Passed examination of the theoretical knowledge of ATPL (A) in accordance with Part-FCL (ATPL(A) - Credit Theory )